Boyes Drive: a road worth taking

Many woman imagine that when boys and Cape Town are mentioned in the same sentence, the result is often beautiful.  But here, I refer only to the road that snakes all the way from Lakeside to Kalk Bay along the mountainside.  And while Chapman's Peak is definately a contender as one of Cape Town's most beautiful roads with it's 32 sharp bends and rocky outcrops, Boyes Drive is definately one of the most scenic and a favourite of mine.

Once you hit the tarmac beside the West Lake Golf Course, you're already elevated to mid-mountain level and get a glimpse of all the houses below. Hiking trails branch off up the mountain to your right and the vlei curves through Lakeside below. Before you know it, you can spot the zealous ocean kissing the land.  Muizenberg looms up ahead and depending on the wind direction you could see white, fierce horses peeking their heads through the mushy ocean or glassy, waves curly toward the coast like ice-cream being scooped from a tub.

Superb Swell

You'll zoom down the hill and up a incline again before reaching the shark spotter with his binoculars beneath his shelter.  To the right you'll see and maybe hear streams of water falling down the cliffside.  Hikers and walkers park their cars and ascend  through the foilage. All the while you would've have bypassed St, James and Danger Beach. 

If you're nearing the end and you haven't already stopped your car, do so now.  Look down and take in the spectacular scene below.  If you're lucky and go out a clear, bright day, you may see surfers chancing a huge, clean swell at Kalk Bay outside the Brass Bell.  A fishing boat may be returning from a day out at sea and navigating its way back into the harbour.  A few palm trees will sway ever so slightly down in Kalk Bay and people will walk along the jetty. 

Kalk Bay Harbour
The view only gets better when you make a way up the rocky steps into the mountain. You may see the very first flowers showing their shy faces in the Spring sunshine.  The wind may still feel a little chilly on your skin and you may have to return to the sun, jump back into your car and drive until Boyes drive comes to end.  But you will be happy to know that whilst the main road has become a one-way, you're only option if you're returning this way is to go back along Boyes Drive. Enjoy!