Traveling To Argentina During The Low Season

Argentina is unique and special country spreading on over 1 million square miles over the South America. In such a big country there are plenty different and interesting things that you can do like skiing, fishing, horse ridding etc. What ever you like to do, you can do it in Argentina.

First you have to decide which part of Argentina would you like to visit (the mountains, the sea or maybe country side?) cause Argentina is really big country. Than decide what would you like to do, and after all that start thinking about prices, accommodation and transportation.

What is the weather like?

The weather in Argentina varies from subtropical to winter cold; it depends in what part of the country you are. It’s hard to speak generally about the weather in Argentina because it’s different in different parts of the state. But I will try to inform you about the weather you can expect in different time of the year.

The important thing to remember is that Argentina is placed in the Southern Hemisphere which means that the seasons are inversed (when the winter is in the US, in Argentina is summer). The weather there can be very tricky and rapidly changing, especially in the parts that are close to the Andes. The weather there is really unpredictable so you should be careful cause the rainfall and floods are often and extreme heat or even snow are not rare either.

Mostly Argentina is really nice country with nice weather but there are parts that you may avoid. The south is very cold and winters can be brutal there so you should be careful. There is no need to go far south (unless you want to for some reason) because most of the hotels and attractions are closed.

Of course, the seasons with most attractions are summer and winter. Especially nice is Patagonia. It is very mild during the year with many attractions, but it can also be very unpredictable and it can change drastically without notice.

Few things you should try to remember is that the seasons are reversed which means that the summer lasts from December-March and the winter lasts from June-July. If you are looking for the most enjoyable weather that you should absolutely come in March, April, September, October and November.

Crowds in Argentina

Unfortunately the crowd is hard to avoid, unless you want to go in the low season. Yes, the high season and in the time of holidays the crowd is unavoidable. So, if you don’t like crowds than don’t go during the summer, winter or holidays. Or if you must try to stay somewhere out of town.
Fun time in Argentina

The choice is yours because there are no things that you can not do in Argentina. Really, there is something for everyone. To help you get started, here are some things that you can do by season:

Autumn (Apr-May)
Patagonia - sightseeing, especially in the north part
Northwest - trekking, horse riding
Northeast - visiting Iguassu Falls

Winter (Jun-Aug)
North Patagonia/Mendoza - skiing
Northeast - Iguassu Falls
Northeast - visit the subtropical forest (yungas)

Spring (Sep-Nov)
Buenos Aires - the most beautiful season, especially in November with the jacarandas in blossom
Patagonia - The whales come to Peninsula Valdes
Cuyo - great weather to visit the vineyards and taste the wine
Pampas - Visit the estancias and taste great barbecues (asados)

Summer (Jan-Feb)
Patagonia - trekking, horse riding, sightseeing in general, fishing
Parana River - fishing
Beaches - do nothing
Andes - trekking, alpinism, horse riding
Cordoba - enjoying the hill country

The best time to save money

Like every other country Argentina too has parts of the year that are more or less crowded and more or less expensive. If you would like to save money than try to avoid high season (Dec-Feb and Jul-Aug). Also, try not coming in Argentina during the holiday cause prices goes up. If you want to enjoy in your vacation for a lower price than I recommend you to come during the low season (September, April and June). Don’t worry; weather is good during the low season too.

Final words

Ok, you know the important things. Now just fix the rest, like your accommodation and transport and you’re done.

I wish you a nice and safe trip to Argentina, and a pleasant time staying there. 

By: Drazen Prastalo

Package Tourism

A popular form of travel package tours are fully organized tour where in the tour operators arrange for the whole trip in advance. This type of tourism is possible for large groups though some operators cater to small groups as well.

Tour packages usually offer pre arranged transportation and accommodation. But many packages offers extensive services like conducting sightseeing or wildlife watching in company of guides and manager. The services are determined by the costs and offerings.

The package tours may include to and fro air tickets as well. There is no harm in booking extensive package trips since the organizer benefits are passed of to the tourists. The packaged tours are safe and enjoyable hence the popularity. This kind of travel is most preferred by inbound tourists from foreign countries.

Top rated tour operators who conduct tours in large groups of fourteen to sixteen member are more in demand. They are usually landing agents for large tour companies based in the parent country. The tour is virtually conducted by the operator of the country to be visited.

The service providers and accommodation hotels get business in bulk in packaged tourism. They pass on the cost benefit is provided to the operator who in turn reduces the travel costs chargeable. Hence packaged tourism has made tour affordable.

Customized group travel packages are also feasible through established organizers. The tourists design their own itinerary, accommodation and transportation preference and forward it to the company. The company then conducts the travel so designed and gets a commission.

In all forms of packaged travel financial security and safety is there. Most of the trips are conducted by professional managers and guides hired by the company. This makes tour efficient, safe and interesting as many employees offer interactive interpretation of the offerings. Hence it is advisable to travel in groups tours for holidays.

The trend for holiday packages has witnessed a recent upsurge. Both predefined and customized packages are in demand. Most of the tourists are booking packages offered by popular organizers and companies all over the World. 

By: upty123

Different Forms Of Tourism

With the introduction of e-commerce or online business, tourism products have become one of the most traded items on the internet. Today, it is easy as ever to buy an airline ticket, a tourism package or even planning your own trip from where you sleep to where you eat and shop. There are even websites that help you plan your own tour or you can buy directly from the separate hotels and airlines to do it without the intermediaries. As it has grown more convenient to plan and go on a tour, there has been an up market trend in the tourism all over the world over the last decade.

Most of the top visited countries are on the European continent along with the United States and China. Since most of the tourists are people with high level of disposable income, having a popular tourist site greatly benefits the country's economy. With this fact know, many countries offer cheaper and simpler way of travel within their country and even a set policy for tourists. Along with that, the development of technology in transportation, such as making a bigger and faster airplane, resulting in many low-cost airlines along with easier access to buying tickets online made many different types of tourism more affordable and more accessible. Though there has been set backs at certain tourist attraction sites due to terrorist threats and environmental issues, the tourism market still stands as one of the strongest market in the world. 
Today, with the easier access to travel, many different types and forms of travel emerged. Though it still carries the traditional form of traveling to a different place, the usual purpose of site seeing has become more specialized. There is something called an Eco-tourism where people travel to seek out a new way of life, mostly pro-nature type of life, where they will be more helpful towards the environment. Another type of tourism is Medical tourism. There are many different reasons behind this type of tourism.
Most of the medical tourists travel because they are seeking a cheaper medical treatment along with some sightseeing as well. Most of this is due to the different medical insurance policy around the globe. People from countries that offer public health care insurance go to countries without public health care since they get what they pay for, but people from countries without health care travel to get a cheaper and affordable treatment along with a better regulatory system.

Other tourism trends include celebrity tourism, where tourists will do leisure activities which involve showbiz events and some popular film sites, educational tourism, where people travel to gain knowledge overseas about the different cultures and ideas to gain more insight. Some people go on what is called an adventure tourism where they hire a local citizen to see how the locals view the tourist sites. With all the different types and methods of travel, it seems like it only gets better for the travelers each day, so why not go online and check out what is offered to you. You might find something just for you. 

By: Fred Jones

Affordable Holidays To Florida With Cheap All Inclusive Rates

Holidays to Florida are a sure fire way to please everybody on the trip with a wide selection of beautiful beaches, world-class theme park attractions, and outdoor recreation destinations across the Sunshine State. Easy to book and priced just right, Florida all inclusive holidays cut the budget down to size with rock bottom industry travel rates.

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Florida resorts and private villa packages offer optional full or half-day excursions to Key West, deep sea fishing tours, private yacht rentals in Miami Beach, and safe and sane biking trails through the rugged tropical terrain. In addition, visitors to south Florida may wish to book a two to fourteen day cruise heading for the Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba and more. Cuba holidays, however, are not available for departure from the USA. Florida cruise ports operate convenient daily departures from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa and may be easily reached from the inland city of Orlando.

Best value booking for all inclusive Florida holidays should be made early enough to take advantage of seasonal sales and deep discount deals. Early birds take first choice of sea view rooms at the beaches and the top Disney theme park hotels when you plan your work and work your plan. However, late travel deals abound year round for the travel bug that can leave on short notice. Florida knows how to treat its valued guests right with last chance bookings at best bargain deals.

Florida holidays are ideal for family travel, honeymoon packages and action packed sightseeing for the solo traveller. For quick warm weather breaks or comfortable long-term stays, Florida holidays have something for everyone at the budget crunching price you want to pay. No one can undercut the all inclusive holiday deal, making it the number one choice for fussy travelers on the go. 

By: Terrance Richardson

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Horse trails in Cinsta, Eastern Cape.

The last time I went horse-riding was at the age of 11.  I went for lessons, got to the cantering stage and stopped not long after to pursue dancing.  Today I hopped back on a horse and stayed there for 2 and a half hours.  My peppered horse’s name was Dusty and he was an absolute darling.  It turns out he was the friendliest of the group of horses out on the trail in Cinsta.  About ten of us set out with one of the Cinsta Horse owners, Asher, as our leader.

It was three o’clock and with the sun high in the sky, hats on and sunblock applied, we rode from the base of the Newhampshire Equine Rehabilitation Centre in Cinsta West.  Asher was out in front, with me following on the compliant Dusty close behind.  My boyfriend got the unruly Freddy who seemed to not like any of the others horses.  Unlike Dusty, he veered closely to the bushes, had an aggressive go at a fellow horse, Chief, and jumped at unexpected moments.

I was totally relieved that I had swopped my shorts for tights, as the very first five minutes saw us scraping against thorn trees and thistle bushes.  After my initial shriek, I decided to ignore the prickles and just enjoy the ride overlooking the sea and colourful clothing left out to dry beside the informal houses made of corrugated iron.

Once off the quiet road, we reached the beach and slowly manoeuvred our way across rocks, past my Dad who was fishing, sun worshippers and surfers.  The steep dune towered to our left with the breaking waves on our right.  The horses happily meandered on in the heat and I continued to sweat, attempting to balance my camera and take photos of the other riders.  I could let go of the reins and snap away whilst easy-going Dusty followed the black, Fresian beast in front.

Away from the crowds, we were shown how to squeeze our knees in, push our heels down and trot until we reached the fishermen.  Beach-goers took photos of us, children stared and dogs barked at the sight of the horses.  On the secluded stretch of sand, we were allowed to really dig in and canter.  Dusty, however, didn’t need to be asked twice and begun galloping at quite a pace.  By now, my bum bone was taking strain and coupled with the Nikon banging against my side, I missed the slow going.  Just a little. But the faster we went, the more free I felt.

Once we had a break, allowed the horses to rest and wet our feet, we were on our way past the lagoon, over the wooden bridge and through Buccaneers Backpackers.  The more experienced riders took their horses into the shallow lagoon and both rider and horse got a chance to cool off. Once in the bush, Asher instructed us to duck beneath the spider webs weaving in the low branches above our heads.  I happily obliged at the sight of the red, Kite spider.  

I leaned forward and tucked my feet in as we made it up a steep climb.  Gone was the cool sea breeze and mist rising off the ocean.  Now we rode towards the sun with green grass, palm trees and thornbushes all around.  The hills were covered in moss-like vegetation and as we reached the top, we took one last look of the spectacular view over the plunging valley and the coast below.

Cinsta Horses do way more than just horse trails and also rescue mistreated and injured horses and rehabilitate them until they’re in tip top riding condition.  Due to the three owners not being able to afford extra hands on the farm, they get volunteers from around the world to live, work and help with the horses.  One young, Brasilian volunteer was studying to be a vet and learnt a lot about horses and treating them whilst helping out on the farm.  A couple from the UK found the experience so rewarding when comparing it to a regular vacation and felt so free away from the office and amongst the wild, South Africa’s people and the horses.

There were green, rolling hills for as far as the eyes could see and it was breathtaking to experience it all from a horse's back.  At tough parts of the trail, I felt sorry for my horse, but our guide told me that when they’re not riding for a while, they lose weight and pine for the trails.  After that I was happy I could allow him to be out and about.  When my legs felt the prickle of the passing thistle, I knew the end was near.  We crossed the road and let the horses roam freely.  I was a bundle of bliss, sadly my legs and bum had not returned unscathed.  The thistle made me legs well up in red, itchy bumps, but all it took was some antihistamine and sunblock to calm it down.  We waved goodbye and I thanked Dusty for the trip.  

For more information on Cintsa Horses visit

A newbie's guide to Cinsta, Eastern Cape.

From the farmlands of Route 60, past the luscious vegetation of the Wilderness, the Knysna lagoon to the pine forests of Tsitsikamma until the rolling hills of the Ciskei; this drive gives but a taste of South Africa’s diversity of landscape, vegetation and climate.

You’ll leave Cape Town’s South Easter wind behind, encounter the Garden Route’s light rainfall and meet the humidity and warmth of the Eastern Cape.   Once you reach the Wild Coast, you’ll be hard pressed to find a petrol station, big shops or masses of people (except on New Year’s Day) which only serves to add to its semi-rural charm.

Without all these ‘Big City’ bits to distract you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the things that really matter such as swimming, eating, sunning, surfing, sleeping, canoeing and horse-riding.

Things to do:

Aside from the obvious and satisfying holiday activities such as tanning on the beach, reading on the beach, swimming and play card games, I have listed a couple of things that require a bit more effort but guarantee a maximum amount of holiday happiness and perhaps a few aching muscles…

Surf or learn

If you don’t have your own boards, are not yet in the groove of carving through the waves, then hire a board or join Buccaneers Backpackers for a lesson or two.  If you surf, this is no Jeffrey’s Bay, but there is fun to be had on the Cinsta East beach break (when the waves aren’t dumping, which was quite often) and also at a little reef break just off the big dunes to the right of the beach.  Jump in and hug the rocks as the rip tide will assist you to get out there with minimal paddling, and then paddle a bit to the left where the lip is peaking and enjoy the ride.  Even the locals had a tough time out there when the waves are unruly so don’t go out there alone and if you’re a beginner.  You could get pulverised.

Go canoeing
We happened to find an oar and borrowed one of Buccaneers canoes that were just resting beside the river.  There isn’t a more peaceful place for miles and you can float down the river while spotting fish eagles, kingfishers and herons, so take a camera and binoculars.  If you’re lucky enough to be with an avid rower, sit back and enjoy the glide.  If you're not staying at Buccaneers, perhaps you can hire a canoe from them.

Horse Trails
This is the perfect way to experience the diverse landscape of the wild coast.  A two and a half hour horse ride along the beach, through the bush, over the green hills and through the river is a surreal experience that anyone can do for R295.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, don’t miss out on a morning/afternoon exploring the territory on one of these beautiful horses.  It was by far the highlight of Cinsta for me.

Go Fishing

Bring your fishing rods, buy a mixed pack of bait such as sardine, squid and prawns from the corner store and wait for low tide.  Then take a walk across the beach from Cinsta East to the rocks in front of the high dunes.  And enjoy the sounds of the waves nearby, the bustle on the beach and wait for a Dassie or River Breemer to bite.

Places to eat and drink:

Nostalgia Coffee Shoppe
I merely noted this coffee shop as you will pass it once in Cintsa East.  If you don’t mind waiting an age before a waitress surfaces, then by all means visit this place and order a milkshake.  The lime and coffee ones aren’t half bad on a hot day, but you’ll constantly have to play the waiting game just to place an order, receive the order and get the bill.

Michaela’s Restaurant
This wooden restaurant on a hill boasts the best view in Cinsta.  Part of the excitement is taking the cable car up to the restaurant.  You can sip a cocktail beneath the sun umbrella; watch the surfers catching waves and sunbathers basking on the beach.   From the deck on the right, you’ll get a great view of the canopy of trees over Ardennes log cabins and surrounds. Our log cabin was the only one that peaked out from beneath the trees and the bright beach towels hanging out to dry acted as a beacon amongst the green.

Barefoot Café
This the funkiest bar around these parts.  It has the vibe of a backpackers with colourful walls, surfboards decorating the walls and travel photos hanging up all around.  On a hot night (most nights in Cinsta), it can get pretty toasty inside, so best grab a table outside.  As newbies we ordered pizzas which hit the spot, but weren’t too amazing.  I’ve heard the burgers are where it’s at.  Sadly, they don’t serve cocktails.

Buccaneers Backpackers
If you walk across the beach from Cintsa East side past the river on your right, you’ll have to cross a wooden bridge, walk up the steps through the trees , through the white wooden gate and turn left  at the sign reading ‘Buccaneers Bar/ Restaurant’.  There hot cheese fries melted in a pizza oven will change your life.  Plus they host killer New Year’s Eve parties.

Need to Know:


I spotted only one ATM in Cinsta East in the local shop.  If you’re not an ABSA banker, you’re going to pay a fee for withdrawals here, so try draw money before you get there as you’ll need it for shopping from stalls, horse rides etc.

You won’t find a petrol station in Cinsta, just a single pump; one for unleaded and another for diesel.  After the festive season, I’m guessing all the holiday-makers with their 4x4’s used all the available diesel as there was none by the time we arrived.

There are hardly any shops in Cinsta and two to be exact in Cinsta East; one with all the essentials such as milk, bread,  cool drinks, firelighters, ice and another with clothing, sarongs, slip slops, bikinis and other beach goodies.   But for a full shops and fresh produce such as meat for the braai, you’ll have to drive out to Hemingways Mall.