El Burro

It's all making sense to me now. El Burro means 'the donkey', hence the horse-like mask hanging on the wall as you enter the restaurant on Somerset Road, make your way up the stairs and enter this bustling Mexican restaurant.

I guess it's quite an arduous task for any restaurant to replace Buena Vista ( who've moved across the road), but this place did manage to maintain the liveliness and musical vigour synonymous with it's previous tenant. Warm lighting, waitresses whizzing around with their orders, and patrons laughing over ensuladas are scattered throughout this evening scene.

Despite the blinds being pulled down to keep out the night air , the icy chill crept beneath it, ensuring that all at our table on the far right-hand side had to cover their legs with the blankets provided.  The fairly lights trailing down the wall, in between the hanging pot plants, constantly caught my eye and somehow made me feel warmer.

All was well until I scanned the menu repeatedly only to find they didn't serve nachos.  It was a sin. The equivalent would be an Italian restaurant not serving pasta.  But I lifted my bottom lip off of the floor and found solace in very hot chilly poppers for starters and mushroom quesadillas with a side-order of chicken.

Thank goodness I ordered a Moijito and not a Margarita jug.  Not doubt when the bill arrived, I too may have asked if R180 included the actual jug and an additional pot plant, just as my shocked friend so kindly enquired from our waitress.

But because I hadn't ordered the expensive jug, I ended up enjoying the evening and the place.  But I don't think I will return there in Winter, broke or with a nachos craving ever again.