Harbour House Resturant: Perfect for a rainy day

You would be right in thinking that autumn is whispering in our Cape Town ears and summer has already left without saying goodbye.  But you would be incorrect in assuming that there is nothing to do once the rain begins to fall and no place you can go where you can eat and drink with a sweet view.  And that is precisely what makes Harbour House great when it starts to get chilly, the location in Kalk Bay harbour.


You have to make your way up the stairs past Polana, a giant mirror, a mini-window and onto the Harbour House level.  If you're looking to dine on fine seafood in style, pick a white table with white chairs and white roses beside the balsamic vinegar and olive oil bottles.  But if you long to sink into a comfy leather couch, sip on a mojito and have 180 degree views of the mountain, boats in Kalk Bay harbour below and the vast ocean on the opposite side, then keep on walking until your reach glass doors and the lounge area.


Now I may be bias about this little nook, as I was once surprised here by my boyfriend with roses after a lengthy time spent continents apart, but I seriously doubt that anyone could not love it here.  A Table Mountain coffee table book sat in the centre of our wooden table alongside some tulips and bright orange blooms.  Unlit candles sat in red, glass vases and white throws were draped over the couch backs. 

You'll find it hard it keep your eyes off the panoramic view.  Cloudy skies always serve to make Kalk Bay, the fishing boats and the lighthouse even more magical.  Add raindrops, long islands teas in celebration of a friend's birthday and good conversation.  Awhile back I sampled the seafood and it most certainly matched the seaside elegance of this restaurant.


This time we made a stop-off at Lucky Fish downstairs for a parcel of hake and chips before hitting the road.  All three of us shared and left happier and totally hooked on the chilly sauce. Can't wait to return to Harbour House when the it's really cold and the fire is lit in the lounge.  Then it will be all blankets, coffee and the fire crackling.

For more info on Harbour House in my of my favourite Cape Town nooks visit http://www.harbourhouse.co.za/harbourhouse