Plebs Guide to holidaying in Millionaire's playground ( St. Francis)

When holidaying amongst South Africa's wealthiest in Port St. Francis there is alot you can do without owning a yacht, oversized SUV and abundance in cash.  The relaxation, tranquility and fun you'll find are free:

1) Visit a good friend in Port St. Francis.  A hospitable, wonderful friend who graciously allows you to camp out at his apartment overlooking the harbour for 3 days. You cannot help but relax whilst taking a bath with a view of the ocean, lounging on the couch with boats passing you by and braaiing on the balcony with the sound of sweet stillness.

2) Practice doing nothing.  It's good for your soul and easy on the pocket. With the rain this comes easily.  Don't get out of bed unless you really need to. Grab a travel mag, book of choice, curl up under a blankie and read.  Even better, find a series that grips you and enjoy hours of addictive mindless entertainment.

3) As soon as the sun comes out ( even for an hour) put on a swimsuit, say goodbye to your winter skin and tan on the wooden deck or run down to the little beach. Kids running into the cool waves, fathers teaching their sons to fish from the rocks and puppies experiencing the sea for the first time. Cover your eyes with a hat and dose off.  Later put some chops on the braai and sip passion fruit lemonades while you wait for lunch to be served.

4) Overcome your fear of dark, harbour water and be free.  Despite your ideas the water being riddled with fish guts, litter and general scary things,this port's water seemed to be incredibly inviting and crystal clear in the heat of the day.  Go ahead and dive off the jettie.  Or if you're hesitant like me, you'll get a shove from your boyfriend and find yourself literally losing your breathe in the icy water and then climbing up the rocks utterly refreshed.

5) Save money for a fancy, delicious meal at the magnificent Five Elements Restaurant by eating Maggie noodles for lunch.  Maggie always fills the spot, plus you won't regret it for a second once your starter of brie bon bons is layed in front of you.  The Quail and beef fillet will leave you happily satisfied and wondering how you were so lucky to experience a meal such as this.  You may want to take a moment to relax on the comfy couches before the dessert sweeps you off your feet. Cheesecake, chocolate mousse and hazelnut panna cotta and lemon goodess packed into tall shot glasses end off the evening in a great fashion.

6) A walk along the beach is wonderful come sunny skies or cloudy days.  As the fisherman's boats pass you by in the rough seas, bend down to pick up shells. Learn to bounce flat rocks on the ocean's surface.

7) If you don't have plans on New Years eve contemplate commandeering boat moored in the harbour.  Just to sit in.  Even better score a free pass to a R650 pp New Years Eve complete with a 7 course and performances. It really is ok that you are the couple taking a stroll up the lengthy walk to the restaurant past the young vineyards, olive trees and sunset on the horizon.  A friendly joburg couple could politely offer to drive you up to the party where you can step out onto the red carpet with the rest of the party goers. Don't be alarmed that you are the only ones under the age of 27, without CEO status and not in shirts or heels. Have a jol anyways.  When your mammoth seven courses are done and dusted ( including salmon spring rolls, watermelon soup, rack of lamb), get on the dancefloor and boogie to abba with the older rich folk.