You know you've been to Rocking the Daisies when:

1)Your ribs hurt so much from sneezing for hours on Saturday due to all the daisies, hay and other floating allergens on the Kloof Wine Estate in Darling. You have made a mental note to carry an allergex stash when you next go camping amongst the vineyards. That way you wouldn't have to stuff toilet paper up your nose just to sleep peacefully and laughing wouldn't be a painful procedure on Sunday.

2)Whilst unpacking your weekend bag, you pull out clothing suited to mild Russia and scorching Hawaii. A beanie, scarf and jacket lying amongst the bikini and sunblock. This would be due to the extremity of South Africa's Inland weather. One night you will find yourself in icy gale-force winds shivering in the darkness, only to be in a swimsuit by 9am whilst frying your bacon and eggs.

3)There is literally a zinging sensation in your ears. Between the Main stage with it's line up of bands and the electro tent with sensational djs and monster speakers at both, it may take awhile for the zinging to stop. If you can hear Springbok Nude girls all the way from your tent which is on the opposite side of estate, you better believe your ears are gona take some strain. Lucky for us the music on offer is worth it.

4)You have sand between your toes but you were not on a beach. Saturday Afternoon at the dam resembles South Africa's version of springbreak. One section was fashioned into a coastline, sand, umbrellas and all. Girls screeching and giggling on lilos, guys kayaking in circles and everyone trying to catch a tan. There's nothing quite like a dip in a cold dam amidst the heat of the day, mud squelching between your toes as you make your way down the embankment with pieces of foliage to spice up the swimming experience.

5)You can now be dubbed Tent Master. You erected a tent in howling winds, with only the stars and a torch as your light. You were able to hinder the tent from taking off into the midnight sky by throwing your bodyweight on it, while your better half put the pegs into the ground with his shoe(the hammer was forgotten in the car). Even though the tent has been blown into a oblong shape from the wind, it is still standing when you return from a night of music enjoyment.

6)You have seen every single person you ever knew from University, high school and other social circles. You spent most of your time catching up on years gone by and straining to remember names than anything else. Good thing you have your boyfriend with you to introduce himself first to get the name of the stranger.

7)You're happy to be able to actually sit down on a toilet seat once you get home. The balancing act you had to pull off on the balls of you feet in a pitch-black stall, with your head resting against the door, breathing through your mouth to avoid passing out and holding your cellphone up for light is just too much of a mission everytime you get the urge.

8) Your name is Bliss on Sunday Night