What to do in Rio when it's raining and you're broke

Cancel your samba lessons until further notice that you may have money again.

2) Escape the storm and enjoy some acai (so cheap but lay off the granola they charge you for).

3) Walk through Rio Sul Shopping Center exclaiming how expensive all the clothes are here compared to Argentina.

4) Ask your rich American friend to lend you money for lunch (e.g.: grande pizza the size of the table) again.

5) Price all the Brazilian curios you want to take home and tell the man at the market that you will return with money to purchase.

6) Stare in shock and disbelief at Brazilians parking their cars, leaving their handbrakes down and allowing the car guard to push their car into the most desirable position. Bumper to bumper.

7) Stop for more acai at your favourite café around the corner to curb your hunger.

8) Decide to stroll on cloudy Copacabana Beach and stage a black and white photoshoot.

9) Decline a place at Mellow Yellow’s Saturday night BBQ in favour of left-over pizza.

10) Contemplate putting a sign on your forehead stating “I have no money” for all the tourists constantly inviting you to the samba party.

11) Imagine having your own party to the cool beats in the hostel corridors of the 4-storey backpackers.

12) Refuse to stay behind, ask for money until you get paid on Tuesday and visit Melt in Leblon for a combo of lovely music, tourist crowd and trendiness at a low fee.

13) Go to bed after 4am once you have discussed crime, Buenos Aires and Brazil over coffee with an English DJ, Aussie roommate and someone claiming to work in the film industry.